U.S. Secretary of State Blinken Addresses Israel Ahead of Diplomatic Mission

In a recent address prior to his departure for Israel, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken discussed a range of critical issues, including the situation in the region, American support for Israel, and efforts to protect U.S. citizens abroad.

Secretary Blinken’s speech as follows:

Blinken acknowledged the gravity of the situation in the region, stating, “Not since ISIS have we seen this kind of depravity, and we will continue to stand very resolutely against it.” He emphasized the importance of his upcoming visit to Israel, during which he plans to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Herzog, and other senior officials. Blinken also expressed his anticipation to connect with the dedicated embassy team, praising their remarkable efforts during these challenging times.

On the topic of U.S. support for Israel, Blinken asserted, “We’re determined to make sure that Israel gets everything it needs to defend itself, to provide for the security of its people.” He highlighted the substantial military assistance already being sent to Israel, in addition to the ongoing support established through the memorandum of understanding negotiated with President Obama. Blinken affirmed the commitment to ensuring that Israel has the necessary resources to protect its security, while also acknowledging potential future requests.

Turning to the geopolitical landscape, Blinken discussed the U.S.’s stance on potential provocations, saying, “We will be reiterating, reaffirming the very strong message that President Biden has delivered to any country or any party that might try to take advantage of the situation, and that message is don’t.” He emphasized the deployment of the world’s largest aircraft to the region as a clear signal of U.S. commitment to deterring further aggression against Israel.

Blinken also addressed the tragic loss of American lives in the region, saying, “We’re, of course, very focused on our own people, our own citizens. We lost 22 Americans. That number could still go up, and it probably will.” He further noted that a number of Americans remain unaccounted for, and the U.S. government is actively working with Israel to determine their whereabouts and, if necessary, secure their release. All of these issues will be at the forefront of discussions in the coming days.

Secretary Blinken’s address underscores the complex and critical challenges faced by the United States and its commitment to its allies, particularly Israel, as they navigate an evolving and volatile situation in the Middle East.

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