कल बाजार खुलने पर इन Stocks में दिखेगा Action, आज ही तैयार करें निवेश Strategy

Top Trades Tomorrow: These stocks will see action when the market opens tomorrow, prepare investment strategy today itself,” financial experts shared valuable insights and stock recommendations for the upcoming trading session.

Financial analysts are optimistic about SDFC Life, citing a breakout around the crucial resistance level of 690. The suggested entry point is approximately 684, with a recommended stop-loss at the same level and a target set at 715. Additionally, options traders are advised to consider the 700 call option, currently trading at around 8, with a target of 40 and a suggested stop-loss at 0.

The market analysis highlighted positive price action in Lupin, noting a healthy correction following a robust upward movement. Traders are encouraged to consider buying at the current level, setting a stop-loss at 1234, and targeting a range between 1280 and 1285.

Vipro’s recent positive structural changes were discussed, with the stock successfully surpassing the resistance level around 424-425. Investors are advised to consider a buy position, targeting approximately 440, and maintaining a stop-loss at 418.

Tata Communication caught the analysts’ attention as a potential long position, following a two-day consolidation period. Traders are recommended to go long, targeting 1770, and setting a stop-loss at 1680.

The experts briefly touched upon the manufacturing sector in India, expressing optimism based on management guidance suggesting a potential revenue growth of 20% for the next year. Investors are encouraged to keep an eye on stocks within this sector for potential opportunities.

Stay tuned for further market updates and trading strategies as the market opens tomorrow.

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