Yes Bank Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2030 and 2040

Yes Bank numbers have been very good in July 2024 and the bank has also made a profit. Due to which many people want to know, whether this is the right time to invest in Yes Bank shares or not. Today we will talk about this whole topic. And know with it what will be the share price target of Yes Bank for 2024, 2024, 2025, and 2030.

As I told you earlier that Yes Bank has shown amazing results in July 2023. And investors had hoped that now the share price can definitely see a rise. But this did not happen.

And on the contrary, the share price of Yes Bank fell from INR 13 to INR 12. So in such a situation, investors want to know why this is happening. Will the Yes Bank share ever go above INR 15 or not? So today we will talk about it in detail that why the share of Yes Bank continues to fall even after earning good returns and profits.

The real reason for the decline in Yes Bank’s stock

So there are two reasons for the biggest drop in the share price of Yes Bank. One, most of the retail investors are losing their confidence in Yes Bank. because share of Yes Bank has been trading between INR 12 and INR 13 for quite some time now. Due to which people are selling their shares. Due to this, the share of Yes Bank has seen a decline.

Yes Bank

The second biggest reason for the decline in Yes Bank’s stock is Vodafone Idea. You will be surprised to know that Yes Bank has given a loan of about 4000 crores INR to Vodafone Idea Company, which Vodafone is unable to repay and whose pressure can be clearly seen on the bank’s stocks. There is also a continuous decline in the shares of Vodafone Idea. More news is also being received that Vodafone Idea can close its business anytime soon. So in such a situation, despite the good profit showing of Yes Bank, the price of the shares is falling.

Most experts believe that you should not buy Yes Bank shares. Or if you have Yes Bank stock then it is better to sell it. But some experts are also in favor of holding the stock. The picture about Yes Bank is not clear yet. So if you have bought a share of Yes Bank at a very high price, then you should hold the share now.

Yes Bank share price target 2023

Now let’s talk about whether in 2023 also Yes Bank may see a jump in the coming days. But if Vodafone Idea closes its business from India in 2022, then its impact can be seen on Yes Bank as well. So the next target for Yes Bank stock in 2022 is INR 20.

Yes, some people also think that the share of Yes Bank can reach 50 in 2023. But let me tell you that if you are investing in the stock market, then you have to give up emotion. In the stock market, it is also necessary to have a mind with a heart. If you are investing in Yes Bank stock seeing that the stock price is very low and soon the stock price will reach 100, then it will never happen.

The example of Vodafone Idea and Rcom is in front of you. The money of all the retail investors is trapped in these two companies. so the next target for Yes Bank share in 2023 is INR 25.

Yes Bank share price target in the end of 2025

As far as I expect Yes Bank can perform well by the end of 2025. And as still Yes Bank has shown good profit, then by the end of 2025 Yes Bank can be successful in recovering a lot of loans (NPA). so the next target of Yes bank share in 2025 is INR 40. Yes Bank can reach INR 40 at the end of 2025. But let me tell you that this is just an estimate which we are making after looking at the past performance of Yes Bank.

TCS Share Price Target 2024 to 2050.

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2025
Yes Bank Share Price Target 2025

The price prediction doesn’t need to be always accurate. So in such a situation, you should keep an eye on the stock market yourself. And if you think that I should exit from the stock now, then you can take the advice of experts or decide on your own.

Yes Bank share price target in the end of 2030

The next target for Yes Bank in 2030 is 80 INR. Right now many of you must be wondering whether Yes Bank will not be able to reach INR 100 by 2030. So let me tell you that it is not that Yes Bank share cannot reach 100 by 2030. Yes Bank share has such potential that it can reach 100.

And anyway, now the entire management of Yes Bank has changed. And there is no doubt that the new management is doing a good job. But still, the bank has a lot of debt. The effect of which is being seen on its stock and can be seen for many years to come. That’s why I have set a target of INR 80 for Yes Bank for 2030.

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2040

Looking ahead to 2040, those with a penchant for long-term investments might find Yes Bank shares a compelling choice. As the bank continues on its path of recovery and growth, the share price could embark on an impressive journey.

By 2040, investors with an eye on the distant future might witness Yes Bank’s share price climbing to around ₹320 as the first target. Setting an even loftier goal, a second milestone of roughly ₹345 might come into play. This extended investment horizon aligns with the bank’s potential for sustained growth and financial restoration.

What are AT-1 Bonds and What is Yes Bank AT-1 Bonds Case

You must have heard about AT-1 bonds in the news. And the case of Yes Bank’s AT-1 bonds is also going on in Bombay High Court. Many retail investors may not be aware of AT-1 bonds. I will try to tell you about these bonds in easy language. You must have heard about the bonds of many companies, but you probably do not know that if you buy the bond of any company like RBI’s bond, it has a maturity date.

RBI pays you a fixed interest rate every year for your bonds. And after the maturity of the bond, your money is returned to you. But this is not the case with AT-1 bonds. AT – 1 Bond are perpetual bonds. Meaning these bonds do not have any maturity date. But the thing to note is that retail investors do not invest in these bonds. Only large investors invest in these bonds.

Yes Bank AT-1 Bonds Case

And one more after that you might not know that Yes Bank has issued bonds of about 8400 crores to 10400 crores. There is an organization named BASEL. And almost all the banks follow the same rules. As per BASEL norms, in the rare event of a Bank’s capital erosion in the situation of NPAs, if the bank’s capital is reconstructed, AT – 1 Bond could be written off. If this happens, the money will not be returned to any AT-1 bondholder.

That is why the investors have filed a case in court against this rule of RBI. So if the verdict of the case comes in the favor of Yes Bank. And it seems that according to the rules, the decision may come in the favor of Yes Bank. So the share of Yes Bank can see a sudden jump and the share of 12 rupees can also reach 20 rupees. That’s why a lot of retail investors and promoters are eyeing this decision. So hope you have got the information about AAT1 Bonds Case.

Is it a good idea to invest in Yes Bank stock for 10 years

If you want to hold Yes Bank shares for the long term like 10 years then there is no harm in it. The management of the bank is doing well now and the bank is also running in profit. Slowly the NPA of the bank is also decreasing. So after 10 years, you can expect good returns. Not many of you would know about NPA.

Nonperforming Asset (NPA) : Definition: A nonperforming asset (NPA) is a loan or advance for which the principal or interest payment remained overdue for a period of 90 days. I try to explain to you in easy language. NPA is such a loan that the expectation of getting it is negligible. Yes Bank has given a loan of 4000 crores to Vodafone Idea but now Vodafone Idea has become bankrupt. So in such a situation, Vodafone Idea is unable to repay its loan, then the loan given by Yes Bank to Vodafone Idea, they put that loan in their books in NPA.


What is the target of Yes Bank in 2025?

Analyst opinions suggest a consensus price target of around ₹30 to ₹35 for Yes Bank shares in 2025

Can I buy Yes Bank share?

Yes, you can buy Yes Bank shares. However, consider expert opinions and the bank’s financial performance before making a decision.

What is the share price of Yes Bank in 2024?

In 2024, Yes Bank’s share price ranged from ₹21.50 to ₹23.95, with a positive return of 11.4% for the year.

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