India-Greece Ties Go to the Next Level, Set to Double Trade by 2030

Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India and Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis of Greece on Friday agreed to upgrade their countries’ bilateral ties to a strategic partnership and to double the two-way trade by 2030.

The two leaders held talks in Athens, the first by an Indian prime minister to Greece in four decades. They discussed ways to boost cooperation in trade, investment, defense, and culture.

“Our ties are based on shared values and common interests,” Modi said. “We are committed to working together to address global challenges such as terrorism, climate change, and migration.”

Mitsotakis said that Greece and India are “natural partners” and that the two countries have “a lot to offer each other.”

The two leaders signed a number of agreements, including a framework agreement on defense cooperation and a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the field of civil aviation.

They also announced the launch of a new India-Greece Business Forum to promote trade and investment between the two countries.

“This is a historic day for our two countries,” Modi said. “I am confident that our strategic partnership will further strengthen in the years to come.”

The upgrade of ties to a strategic partnership is a significant development in India-Greece relations. The two countries share a number of common interests, including the fight against terrorism, climate change, and migration. They are also both members of the United Nations, the G20, and the International Monetary Fund.

The goal of doubling trade by 2030 is ambitious, but it is achievable. India is a rapidly growing economy with a large and young population. Greece is a developed country with a strong manufacturing base. The two countries have complementary economies, and there is a lot of potential for cooperation in areas such as IT, pharmaceuticals, and tourism.

The visit by Modi to Greece is a sign of the growing importance of the relationship between the two countries. It is also a reflection of India’s growing global engagement. India is seeking to expand its partnerships with countries around the world, and Greece is an important part of this strategy.

The upgrade of ties to a strategic partnership and the goal of doubling trade by 2030 are important milestones in India-Greece relations. These developments will help to strengthen the relationship between the two countries and to promote cooperation on a range of issues.

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