British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Visits Ram Storytelling Event by Murari Bapu

Imagine if a leader from another country came to listen to a Hindu storytelling event about Lord Ram. Well, that’s exactly what happened! British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak attended a Ram storytelling event by Murari Bapu. This event took place at Cambridge University in Britain.

Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister of Britain, came to listen to the Ram storytelling, also known as Ramkatha. This special event was led by Murari Bapu and was held at Cambridge University. And guess what? Rishi Sunak even chanted “Jai Siya Ram” during the event.

Rishi Sunak sat down in front of Murari Bapu like a regular person. He wanted to listen to the Ramkatha not as a Prime Minister, but as a follower of the Hindu faith. He offered flowers at a special spot called Vyas Peeth, a place of honor. In his speech, he first said “Jai Siya Ram.” He mentioned that being a Prime Minister is very hard and he asked for blessings. He felt honored and happy to be at Murari Bapu’s Ramkatha event.

He also shared a personal thing with Murari Bapu. Just like Murari Bapu has a picture of Hanuman ji, a Hindu deity, on his platform, Rishi Sunak has a statue of Lord Ganesha on his desk at his office. He’s proud of it. He said that he tries to follow the teachings from their holy books on leadership, and Murari Bapu’s energy inspires him. He even mentioned that he wished he could have been there when Murari Bapu traveled thousands of kilometers for the Ram Katha and visited important temples in India.

Rishi Sunak also expressed that he’s proud to be both British and Hindu. He remembered going to the temple with his family when he was a child. He talked about the important value of duty and service. He even took part in the aarti, a religious ritual, on the stage during the event.

So, it’s really something special that the Prime Minister of Britain, Rishi Sunak, visited a Hindu storytelling event about Lord Ram, and it shows his strong connection to his faith and his heritage.

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