WagonR eV Coming Soon: Maruti Suzuki eWX Preview and Range

Suzuki is gearing up to launch its highly anticipated WagonR EV, known as the “Wagar Eevee,” in the coming years. Originally, Maruti Suzuki had planned to introduce the WagonR Electric in 2020, but the pandemic and other unforeseen challenges led to a delay in the project. Now, they are set to unveil two new electric vehicles, including the EVX, an electric SUV, and the next-generation WagonR Electric called the EWX.

WagonR eV Coming Soon: Maruti Suzuki eWX Preview and Range
WagonR eV Coming Soon: Maruti Suzuki eWX Preview and Range

The EWX carries forward the iconic box-shaped design of the existing WagonR, but with a charming twist. It features an exciting dual-tone exterior color scheme that extends across the entire body, with prominent yellow highlights on the front bumper, wheels, side panels, and windows. The front fascia boasts a closed grille adorned with C-shaped LED light clusters.

WagonR eV Design

While details on the indicators remain unclear, images suggest they might be integrated into the side-view mirrors. The lower bumper is accented with plastic cladding and a rectangular yellow highlight along the edges.

At the rear, the characteristic C-shaped tail lamps and a stylish tailgate complete the boxy look. The large front and rear windows extend to the top of the car, providing excellent visibility.

WagonR eV

Turning our attention to the interior, the overall ambiance is rounded and soft, creating a comfortable atmosphere. Notably, the steering wheel departs from the conventional round or D-shaped design, instead adopting a rounded square shape. The interior is expected to include features like an integrated infotainment system, a floating instrument panel, and vertical AC vents.

Rather than a traditional shifter, a rotary controller is used in the center console. The seats feature rounded rectangular corners and appear remarkably comfortable, maximizing the interior space. Despite the vehicle’s compact size, there seems to be ample room for passengers.

WagonR eV Range

In terms of size, the EWX is even smaller than the Espresso. It boasts overall dimensions of 3,395 mm in length, 1,475 mm in width, and a height of 1,620 mm. Suzuki claims it will offer a range of 230 km per charge.

WagonR eV Coming Soon: Maruti Suzuki eWX Preview and Range
WagonR eV Coming Soon: Maruti Suzuki eWX Preview and Range

However, some experts express skepticism, suggesting a real-world range of around 180 to 190 km per charge. While this may seem limited, it could be sufficient for daily commutes, such as trips to the office and the market.

Suzuki has positioned the EWX as a practical mini WagonR EV designed to seamlessly fit into everyday life. While powertrain details remain undisclosed, it is expected that the compact car will feature a single motor setup. More technical specifications are anticipated to be revealed in the coming days.

Suzuki is preparing to showcase the EWX at the Tokyo Motor Show 2023, scheduled to run from October 26 to November 5. The car’s launch in India is expected by 2025. Additionally, the company has provided teaser images of the Next Generation Swift and the EVX concept.

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