Spider-Man Writer: MCU Fans Need to Stop Whining About Post-Endgame

Dan Slott, the writer of the Amazing Spider-Man comic book series, has hit back at fan complaints about the direction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) since Avengers: Endgame.

In a recent interview, Slott said that he understands why some fans are disappointed with the MCU’s post-Endgame direction, but he also defended the choices that the filmmakers have made.

“I get it,” Slott said. “People are used to the MCU being a very serialized, interconnected story. But after Endgame, they had to take a step back and figure out what they wanted to do next. And that meant taking some risks.”

Slott pointed to the recent Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as an example of the MCU taking risks. The film, which was directed by Sam Raimi, was a departure from the MCU’s usual formula and featured a lot of horror elements.

“Multiverse of Madness was a risk,” Slott said. “But it was also a great film. And I think it shows that the MCU is still willing to experiment and try new things.”

Slott also defended the decision to focus on new characters in the MCU’s post-Endgame phase. He said that it was important to give these characters a chance to shine, and that it would be unfair to keep them in the shadow of the original Avengers.

“It’s time for the new generation to take over,” Slott said. “And I think the MCU is doing a great job of giving them that chance.”

Slott’s comments come at a time when there is a lot of discussion about the future of the MCU. Some fans are concerned that the MCU is losing its way, while others are excited to see what the future holds.

Only time will tell how the MCU will evolve in the years to come. But Slott’s comments suggest that the MCU is still in good hands, and that the filmmakers are committed to making great films.

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